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Know more about Kjeldahl & Non-Kjeldahl Techniques
Know more about Kjeldahl process, TKN and NPN (Digestion Distillation and Titration) also, Non- Kjeldahl techniques for SO2 determination & measure alcohol content.

Chromatography Masterclass I: Basics Principles of Chromatography
Understanding the basics of chromatography would help the users of various chromatography instrument like HPLC, Flash, Preparative Chromatography etc. We will cover various aspects of chromatography and all the important technical terms involved in chromatography. Explain various parts of chromatography instrument and how best you can use your instrument to get best results.

Chromatography Masterclass II: Detection Methods in Chromatography
Different detection technologies used in chromatography to detect the eluting compounds from the stationary phase. He will explain the pros and cons of various detection techniques. We will discuss the design principle and theory behind measurement technique. We will also give industry insight into which type of detector is most suitable for which type of industry application.Join the webinar to get the most of your detection system or to identify the best detection method for your application.

Chromatography Masterclass III: How to improve Resolution in Chromatography?
Good resolution is key to equality sepration, high purification, and isolation of your desired compound from the sample mixture. There are several factors that affect the resolution in Chromatography & we will discuss all of the in this webinar. The webinar will help you get baseline seprations and higher purity from your chromatography systems.

Chromatography Masterclass IV: Chromatography Columns and Cartridges: Tips and Tricks
Columns and Cartidges used in Flash and Preparative chromatography. We will explain various technical terms and what it means for the user, Handy tips and tricks to improve the life of columns and cartidges & Tips on getting the best results from your columns and cartidges

Chromatography Masterclass V: Applications in Flash and Preparative Chromatography
Get more insights about Flash/Prep Cromatography Applications.

How to achieve effective distillation?
Ever wondered how rotary evaporation works? How to dry your sample quickly but in the most gentle manner? What simple steps to keep the Rotavapor well maintained in a few minutes?

Advanced lab drying techniques
Different drying technique used in research laboratory to dry thermally sensitive compound. We will also, explain the principle, basic theory & pros and cons of various drying techniques. In this session we will talk about industry insight into which type of drying technique is most suitable for which type of industry application. Moreover we will resolve all your queries in regards, with drying of thermally sensitive compound.

Know How to save time and improve analyte recovery using parallel evaporation?
Do you have too many samples to evaporate? Does it take to long to evaporate your solvents using rotary evaporator? Want to concentrate your samples quickly?

Kjeldahl Master program for Food & Feed
This session will explain the kjeldahl method, its purpose and benefits. Learn more about BUCHI's versatile solution for digestion and steam distillation that cover a broad range of application. Maximized productivity is thereby essential, whether it is classical protein de-termination according to kjeldahl, reflux digestion with aqua regia, or direct distillation of steam-volatile compounds.

Freeze drying-Basic and Advanced processes
Freeze drying techique used in research laboratory to dry thermally sensitive compounds. We will also, explain the principle, basic theory & pros and cons of this drying techniques. Differentiation between basic and advanced freeze-drying processes will be highlighted.