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Maintenance & Service Contract

Unbeatable Reliability

Keep your device reliable with maintenance tailored to your needs.

Maintaining a heavily used device requires different parts and inspection frequencies than units that are operated occasionally. Our approach takes factors like these into consideration to provide you with an optimal yet cost-efficient solution. You can choose one of our maintenance solution packages. They are tailored and contain customized lists of replacement parts combined with the correct amount of visits. All depending on the condition of your device, its usage and the application chosen.

CARE «Inspect»: Inspection and «Clean & Calibrate»

For inspection, cleaning and, if necessary, re-calibrate your BUCHI device(s) according to a specific inspection protocol that has been developed using our global experience.

CARE «Maintain» (On-Demand):

Visitation and maintenance routine that covers all assemblies and components.

Receive a report with the test results, measures taken and additional suggestions.

The product will be identified as BUCHI-maintained with a sticker including date and name of the Technician.