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Quality in your hands

Values, quality, and innovation

Each of our products complies with our guiding philosophy: “Quality in your hands.” We are committed to providing high-quality, robust products and services that exceed our customers’ requirements for many years.

Industrial Evaporation

Customer consultation

BUCHI invests heavily in developing new solutions and enhancing existing products. To succeed in this process, the company emphasizes gathering input from customers worldwide. We actively involve our customers in the product development process and work with various universities and research institutes to develop custom solutions for both existing and new applications.

Design(ed) to last

BUCHI products are designed for the rigors of daily lab or industrial use. We use high-grade materials that can withstand strong chemicals as well as repetitive heavy use. The industrial design ensures that our products can be efficiently cleaned, maintained, and serviced, even after many years.

Industrial Evaporation
Industrial Evaporation

Form follows function

Laboratory products increasingly offer new functionalities and comprehensive software applications. BUCHI has always focused on standardizing the user interface and keeping it as simple and straightforward as possible. Many of our products have the green “BUCHI knob,” a dial that allows easy adjustment of critical parameters.

Customized solutions

Laboratory and industrial equipment are used in many complex workflows. Therefore, working with customers directly onsite is essential. Our goal is always to create customized solutions that perfectly fit the application. That is why we have sales and product specialists worldwide to support and consult with customers on location.

Industrial Evaporation
Industrial Evaporation

Location-based services

For many of our customers, fast and qualified service is vital. To meet that need, we have our own service force or a factory-trained one in many countries around the world. Our service specialists receive regular training at the factory in Switzerland, and many of them have quite a few years of experience with BUCHI products.