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Terms & Conditions

  • Prices: Unless otherwise stated in this Proforma Invoice / Order Confirmation, our prices are to be understood net, ex works, Incoterms 2010, in Swiss Francs, excluding packing, without V.A.T.
  • Delivery: Unless otherwise agreed in writing the delivery period is 6 – 8 weeks from date of order confirmation / payment where applicable , statement of end use / green signal where applicable. The delivery terms indicated by us are not binding and subject to the case of „force majeure“. The buyer is not entitled either to withdraw from the contract or to claim for indemnity, in case given terms have not been kept.
  • Dispatch: The delivery of the goods is always on the buyer’s account and risk.
  • Packing Material: In cardboard boxes. The packing material is charged at our cost price and will not be taken back by us.
  • Payment: Unless otherwise agreed in writing:
    • a) By Advance Demand Draft / TT in favor of Buchi Labortechnik AG, Meierseggstrasse 40, 9230 Flawil, Switzerland”.
    • OR

    • b) Net against Irrevocable letter of credit in favor of BUCHI Labortechnik AG, payable at sight. The delivery period will come into effect from the date of receipt of clear L/C valid for 150 days for delivery and 180 days for negotiation.
  • Order: To be placed on BUCHI Labortechnik AG, CH-9230, Flawil, Switzerland.
  • Handling Charge: To be added to the CIP / FCA value based on payment terms used.

    • a) Ex-works Order value less than CHF 500 – CHF 150 is applicable extra
    • b) L/C payment, CHF 850.00 is applicable extra.
    • c) CAD payment, CHF: 280.00 is applicable extra
  • Banker’s Details for Advance TT : BUCHI Labortechnik AG: Credit Suisse, CH-9001,St. Gallen, Switzerland BUCHI’s Bank Account No.: CH8304835003874041000
  • Swift/BIC:       CRESCHZZ80A

    NOTE: 1) Payment through Letter of Credit, in this case original documents sending to customer bank before shipment will not be possible as per terms mentioned in the L/C. BUCHI bank will send original documents to customer bank only after shipment and documents will be routed through bank to bank and this will take at-least 10-12 working days. Bank details for LC will be provided in the order acknowledgment separately.

    NOTE: 2) In CAD term all original documents will routed through BUCHI bank to customer bank and it will take 15 working days to reach documents to customer bank after shipment. Original documents sending to customer bank in advance will not be possible as per BUCHI bank rules.

    - BUCHI will not be responsible for any demurrage due to delay in receipt of the original documents by customer’s banker

  • Validity of Offer: Unless otherwise agreed in writing the offer is valid for 90 days.
  • Insurance: The goods are delivered un-insured at the risk of the customer. Buyer is responsible for the insurance and making any claims in case of damage to the consignment. The damaged parts need to be re-ordered after making the insurance claim. If order is placed on CIP basis then point 9 is not applicable to the customer.
  • Note: Order placed on CIP basis then Insurance will be covered up to the destination airport

  • CIP Carriage And Insurance Paid To:
  • “Carriage and Insurance Paid to” means that the seller delivers the goods to the carrier or another person nominated by the seller at an agreed place (if any such place is agreed between parties) and that the seller must contract for and pay the costs of carriage necessary to bring the goods to the named place of destination.

    "The seller also contracts for insurance cover against the buyer’s risk of loss of or damage to the goods during the carriage. The buyer should note that under CIP the seller is required to obtain insurance only on minimum cover. Should the buyer wish to have more insurance protection, it will need either to agree as much expressly with the seller or to make its own extra insurance arrangements.”

  • Property Reservation: All delivered goods remain our property until we have received full payment.
  • Warranty: Device (Instrument) Warranty for a period of one year from the date of dispatch invoice BUCHI warrants that the devices manufactured and delivered by BUCHI are free from material and processing defects, which might impact the functional capability of the device for the agreed upon or assumed use.
    • Within this warranty period, BUCHI shall remedy all defects recognized by BUCHI as being verifiably due to material or manufacturing defects. The warranty service shall be carried out at BUCHI’s option either by way of repair, replacement of defective parts or exchange of the device. The performance of warranty services effectuates neither an extension nor a restart of the warranty period; however, if a device is exchanged, the warranty period will cover a minimum of 1 year from the date of exchange, even if this means an extension of the original warranty period. Any replaced parts shall become the property of BUCHI. Transport costs, transportation risks and damage in transit shall not be borne by BUCHI.
    • This warranty service does not apply to damage or defects that have occurred as a result of improper initial operation, connection, use or handling, any attempts to repair the device made by unauthorized persons or due to non-observance of the instruction manual. Furthermore, in particular if BUCHI’s operating or maintenance instructions are not observed, or if NonBüchi spares or service parts are used, which do not comply with the original specifications, any warranty shall be void. In addition, any natural wear and tear (DIN 31051/DIN-EN 13306 standard) in all rotating or dynamically stressed components, including mechanically stressed electronic components are excluded from the warranty, as is any damage that has arisen due to foreign particles (e.g., metals). Furthermore, the warranty service does not apply if any repair work has not been carried out by BUCHI or by a service partner authorized by BUCHI, or if no original parts have been used.
    • If extended warranty is purchased by customer, then, it is mandatory that customer purchases applicable Preventive Maintenance (PM) Kit of respective instrument. This needs to be done each year after expiry of standard warranty period of Oneyear else warranty shall be void.
    • Warranty services are generally rendered in the country in which the device was sold. An obligation to honor the warranty is only in effect if the device meets the respective effective technical specifications of the country in which the warranty claim is issued and if it is operated in accordance with these specifications.

    Breakage of glass

    The glasses used for the devices are extremely high-quality products; generally a breakage of such glass can only be caused by outside influences. Therefore, as a matter of principle there is only a basis for a claim if it is proven that there has definitely been no outside influence or improper handling by the buyer, but that it is a case of a material or manufacturing defect.

    Warranty for accessories, wear parts, spares, service parts; availability; software

    Wear parts

    The wear parts specified in the operating instructions are excluded from the warranty

    Spares, service parts

    The term “spares” in the aforementioned context only refers to original parts, which are specified as such in the operating instructions and spares list for the device.

    The term “service parts” in the aforementioned context only refers to original parts, which are specified as such in the operating instructions and service parts list for the device.

    Warranty for spares, service parts and accessories

    The warranty covers the replacement material; however, it does not cover the assembly and disassembly costs or any other costs that are not replacement material costs. For replaced or repaired parts, the warranty period will start again; it will last 1 year with effect from the date of replacement or completion of the repair.

  • Cancellation: In case of cancellation of an order, the accrued costs will be debited to the customer subject to a minimum of CHF 250.
  • Place of Fulfilment and Jurisdiction: Flawil / Switzerland. Swiss Law will be applied.